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Metal BMW Transmission Pan ZF ZEGG

ZEGG Parts

The Original ZF Transmission Service Kit - For BMWs

At ZEGG we design and manufacture innovative solutions for your car. Get yourself to the next level and increase your car's performance and longevity with our plug-and-play service kits.



See our performance results on our Design page

ZEGG Transmission Pans

It's Made of Metal. It Holds More Fluid.
It's Cooler.

Replace your factory plastic OEM pan with a ZEGG transmission pan.  Protect your vehicle's transmission against debris and road hazards better.  ZEGG pans have a lower specific heat capacity which results in better heat dissipation, reduction in cooling times; thus improving performance and longevity of the entire system. 

See our design & testing results on our Design page.


What Makes A ZEGG Pan Different?

Front Of Pan_edited_edited_edited.png

ZEGG Machined Pan

Full Cast Aluminum

Replaceable Non-Proprietary Filter​


Additional Fluid Capacity

Superior Road Hazard Protection

- Lifetime Warranty -

Factory 6 speed.png

Factory OEM Pan





Minimal Protection


What's In the Box

IFU Generic_edited.png
Gasket With Transmission_edited.png
ZEGG Filter_edited.png
zegg ping without drain bolt_edited_edit
ZEGG Magnets.png
Bolts Ping 18_edited_edited.png
Bolts Ping 18_edited_edited.png
Bolts Ping 18_edited_edited.png
Bolts Ping 18_edited_edited.png
Bolts Ping 18_edited_edited.png


Every ZEGG transmission pan comes with lifetime warranty guaranteed to last the life of your vehicle. Protects against leaks, cracks, warping, and all other manufacturing defects. 

Learn more details about our Lifetime Warranty on the Product page or Contact Us


Full Cast Aluminum Construction

Optimize heat dissipation with increased fluid capacity and external cooling fins.  Also available in full billet construction. 

See our designs specs/features on our Design page

ZEGG Back_edited.png

Includes One Replaceable Transmission Filter

Easily replace the filter at any time without having to replace the pan.

This kit includes a non-proprietary, standard sized filter that is widely available to purchase.  See our product list on our Shop page.

ZEGG Filter_edited.png
Gasket With Transmission_edited.png

Includes Factory Replaceable Gasket

Retains the OEM shape and bolt placement so you can replace your gasket whenever you want. Use OEM or Aftermarket.
See our product list on our Shop page.

Includes All Mounting Hardware

All hardware is included for an easy install.
See our Installation video on our Designs page*

Bolts Ping 18_edited_edited.png
ZEGG Magnets.png

Includes Two Rare Earth Magnets

Includes two high-powered, neodymium magnets to keep harmful ferrous metal contaminants out of the transmission internals. 

Drain Plug For Easy Fluid Swap

No need to drop the pan.
Twist the bolt out to drain and refill your transmission fluid.

Factory vs ZEGG_edited.jpg

Holds 0.415 Quarts More Fluid

Keep your transmission cooler with additional fluid capacity
See our performance results on our Design Page

Decrease Overall Transmission Temperature and Cooling Time

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 10.51.53 PM.png
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