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Design & Performance

Our Design Concept: "By utilizing higher quality material and improving OEM pan design to increase the fluid capacity, the transmission will be running at a lower operating temperature; thus improving performance and protection for the entire system."

See technical specs and testing results below*

ZEGG Transmission Pan vs OEM Transmission Pan

Factory vs ZEGG_edited.jpg

It's no secret that heat kills transmissions. In high-performance applications, the problem is especially acute. Made from fully cast aluminum, ZEGG transmission pans replace shallow factory plastic pans for better transmission cooling, performance, and longevity.

Due to the composition, an improved design, as well as increased fluid capacity, ZEGG transmission pans have a lower specific heat capacity when compared to the OEM plastic pan. The result is better heat dissipation capabilities and reduction in cooling times for superior thermoregulation.  Every aspect of this product, from the materials, to the filter, magnets, and drainage plug, was engineered to improve upon the OEM design. Take a look at our test results* below and see how effective a ZEGG pan can be.

ZEGG transmission pans retain the original design shape for easy OEM-like install. Every service kit will include gaskets, bolts, and a replaceable filter and will be certified to withstand the lifetime of your car, guaranteed.**

*See our test results on our Performance section of this page. 

**Learn more about our Lifetime Warranty on our product page(s). Open a claim on the Contact Us page.


Every 20 degree drop in fluid temperature can attribute to doubling the life of your car's transmission according to transmission and cooling specialists. More importantly, it's been said that 90% of automatic transmission failures are caused by transmission overheating alone. This can be prevented by performing regular servicing and maintenance of the transmission.


Not too long ago, transmission fluid was advertised as "lifetime fill" as a way for car manufacturers to avoid paying new car service warranty costs. However, we found ZF's published service intervals recommendations completely contradict BMW's transmission service recommendation of 10 years/100,000 miles.  The updated recommendation for mechanics and manufacturers now follow is to service the ZF transmission about every 3-4 years/40-50,000 miles.

Take a look at our test results in our Performance section below to see how servicing your vehicle with a ZEGG Transmission Pan help cool the transmission; thus increasing the performance and longevity of the system.


In order to see just how effective a ZEGG Pan is, we took it to the test. First off, we idled our test vehicle for 10 minutes prior to both tests. What we found was that for every 10 minutes following, the OEM pan's transmission temperature increased by about 28°F while the ZEGG pan's transmission temperature increased by about 17°F.

Although it took longer to get to optimal transmission temperature, the ZEGG pan outshines the OEM pan in the most important areas. Temperature fluctuations in the transmission with the ZEGG pan was far less than the OEM pan's with the ZEGG pan having a 23% lower delta rate in comparison to the OEM pan. When it comes to cooling the transmission, the ZEGG pan offered a much faster return-to-thermoregulation time. During the entirety of the test, the ZEGG pan had a lower average temperature by 13°F when compared to the transmission temperature when the OEM pans was installed. Any way you look at it, the ZEGG pan will outperforms OEM pan in the most important aspects.

Gasket With Transmission_edited_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 10.06.12 PM.png

Tests were conducted using the same vehicle. Identical fluid used to conduct both tests. Identical route, speed, and time was taken for both tests. Values measured via a BMS JB4 G4 tuner. Each test was conducted separately on a different day (see below for testing day conditions). All tests were conducted on a closed-course facility. 

Additional Testing Conditions:

Testing Day Conditions (Measured at Start of Test):

Testing Day 1: (OEM Pan) - 82°F Outside Temperature; 42% humidity

Vehicle Used: 2007 BMW 335i 

Testing Day 2: (ZEGG Pan) - 83°F Outside Temperature; 40% humidity

Vehicle Used: 2007 BMW 335i 

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 10.26.30 PM.png
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